Furnx Whiteboards

Furnx Whiteboards

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Furnx whiteboards are the most popular whiteboards we sell in store. These come with a pen tray, solid metal frame and backing board which also make them one of the sturdiest whiteboards on the market. We always keep these in stock, they're available in a massive amount of sizes and they’re great value for money!

Below are the sizes available:

  • 900w x 600h
  • 1200w x 900h
  • 1200w x 1200h
  • 1500w x 900h
  • 1500w x 1200h
  • 1800w x 900h
  • 1800w x 1200h
  • 2100w x 900h
  • 2100w x 1200h
  • 2400w x 1200h

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